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Thread: Listings filters as dropdowns

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    Listings filters as dropdowns

    How can we convert the present system of filtering (SORT LISTINGS BY: MAKE/MODEL | BODY STYLE | PRICE | POSTED BY - for instance) into the dropdowns wich exist in any script. For me this is a serious issue becouse the feature is totaly unusable as it is

    let's say that a visitor wants to filter the ads and choses dealer. he can't select directly the filter he needs becouse there is no such option. he can just click on POSTED BY and than see if the information is what he wants...wich is not.

    let's say now that a user wants to filter the listings based on BODY STYLE. how can he select from 5-8 different types of options? he can't...

    and yes, i know about plugin "Category Filter" but is not the same thing.

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    That which you refer to is only really for sorting the listings in a particular order. Filtering is different thing. Like you say theres the category filter and also refine search block available aswell.

    Maybe some changes in the category filter plugin would be better

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