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Thread: Database size with time !

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    Database size with time !


    I was wondering if any of you can tell me the size of your flynax installation over time. With something like the number of users and posts...

    I am trying to buy a VPS (mainly for more memory) and there is cheap ones at 7$ a month with about 20GB of space, and I am more concerned by space now than by memory.

    Thanks !

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    Think i have less than that on my vps. The mysql databases arnt too bad think i have 770 ish listings in the database coming to around 45mb. With another test script running with 30 listings at 35mb.

    I think the biggest issue will be image uploads, which take up most of the space. Think about people uploading 3mb images. But i think flynax 4.2 has new image uploader which reduces image sizes. Which i now have.

    Think maybe best option is to have minimal images for listings unless they are paying for more.

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    Yes this vps account will be good for the first time. You can change your plan to more spaces and more powerful if you need more in future. but now it's ok

    if you site will work slow in near future and will be many users and many listings you change your server account in 5 min It's not a big problem.

    Usually all users start from VPS
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Thanks for the answers. I will give it a try ! Like you said, upgrading a VPS takes like 5 minutes !

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    20 Gb is enough for middle-size website, but it depend on how many listings you have.

    i think 20Gb it's about 5-10k listings on website, from that 10 k - 100-500mb approximate will take listings data in database, the rest are images.

    Software itself is just 20-30 mb unpacked

    database data up to 100mb if you have lot of categories or/and locations (without listings)

    Chris is right most hdd space necessary to store images

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