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Thread: Div tags?

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    Question Div tags?

    Hello everyone,

    I have small problems;
    1- Price search field, currency jumps to new line below price from to, I need it to be aligned in line with "price From to".
    2- "Keyword search" label is not in vertically aligned in the middle of the opposite field search.

    As seen in the attached image, red elements is where I want these elements to be.
    As far as I know, it can be adjusted through changing some parameters somewhere in a css file.

    Please help,
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    Hey Ammar,

    Keyword search should be easy to fix by adding "vertical-align: top;" to "table.search td.field" class in css file. However getting the currency in the same row as the price is not that simple as it is rendered in another table row.

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    Thank you Riba,

    But Currency field by default was aligned along with price, I removed it from admin panel and put it back and it is in new line, as seen attached.

    Which parameter I may start with to try put it back in place?

    thanks again,
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    Hmmm....I guess there must be a setting that affects this as the currency is in separate row on my site as well. I would also prefer to have it in one line but personally I have never seen it displayed that way. :-/
    Hopefully someone else will have an idea about this.

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    you can check it here,


    This is when I uploaded it the first time before the working on customization :s

    Please Flynaxians, any idea?

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    Huh, now you got me intrigued. I took another look at admin backend and could not find anything. Next step is to dive into code. Hopefully someone will resolve this mystery soon.

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    knock knock knock!!

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    Seems no one has any idea. One of these days I will dig deeper when I find some spare time, I would like to have in in one row too.

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