Hi Guys,
We released an update for Category Tree plugin and it is enough simple to handle it but I would like to
share a short instruction with you any way:

1. Go to Admin panel > Listings > Listing types > Select a listing type and click Edit (to which you want to apply the Category tree);
2. Go to Common Category settings > Position > Select Hide;
3. Then scroll down to Additional Category Box > Show on pages and check the Home and Listing type-related pages;
4. Scroll down a little bit to Position and change to Left or Right depending on your template;
5. Right of the Position field find "Click here to edit the content box" and click here to open box settings and then check Sticky for categories, save and open the window;
6. Scroll down and enable the Category Tree Plugin.

Actually you may play with settings and build the categories tree necessary for your website needs.