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Thread: URGENT: My Flynax installation is being blocked by your servers

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    URGENT: My Flynax installation is being blocked by your servers

    As of Thursday it appears as though your servers are blocking requests from my installation of flynax. My web servers IP address is, please include this on the safe list. The IP that your script tries to reach out to is and when we try to reach it from our web server its blocked but when we try to reach it from another computer it works fine.

    This is causing flynax to hang on my website.


    I opened a ticket and haven't received a reply (WTN-572714). Please help asap. The site is not loading for 3 days now.

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    Viktor, Mike, whoever is reading this. Please help. The site has lost half its traffic. Can you please put my ip address in your servers' safe list? This happened on Thursday.

    The site is not loading because FLYNAX servers are blocking my ip!!!!!!

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    I just wanted to follow up. Someone PLEASE help. There is absolutely nothing we can do to fix this problem on our own. Flynax has to whitelist our IP address in order for the site to go back up and running. PLEASE WHITELIST MY IP ADDRESS.

    The ip seemed to have been blocked as of Thursday afternoon EST. Our site receives a lot of traffic, and perhaps was blocked for being deemed as malicious. The classifieds is my livelihood. Ever since the site is taking too long to load, causing to lose traffic, and losing revenue because of it. Please whitelist my ip address on your servers.

    It's been 3 days and no one has replied to either my ticket or this message. FLYNAX, PLEASE HELP.
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    Have you tried live support?

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    hahaha that's a joke, right?

    That was the first thing I tried, and it obviously was of no help whatsoever. Via "live support" I was told to open ticket, ha!

    After several days, I heard from them.

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    No wasn't a joke . Did u get it resolved. What was the eventual issue

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    After installing the plugin IP Geolocation Database your problem has been solved?
    P.S. Better late than never..

    Other than that happy coding...
    Flynax Technical Department

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