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Thread: Flynax 4.2 post installation issues

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    Hi Mike,

    I have solved this problem by talking with guys via Livechat and they provided me fix for this issue and after login into admin panel I am unable to install the required plugins. If click on Install and selecting ts on pop up , it gives me error like "Error: Flynax Plugin installation wizard has failed, please contact Flynax Support Department." What should I do to install plugins. Why all these problems arise after purchasing the license also..

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    Please submit a ticket in case you still have problems, its not related to ssl plugin.

    Most of problems with remote plugin installation resulted from server settings, allow_url_fopen , permissions issues and unfortunately cannot be solved only from software side.

    Anyway we apologize for inconveniences, we are doing our best to resolve problems
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    Hello Mike,

    the same problem at a friends page. After installing a clean and later a customized 4.2 version no login to admin panel.
    I can see the login field but at the login process i can see only Loading....
    The session_patch.zip brings nothing. The result is a blank page...
    If I replace only the admin.control.inc.php, then i can log in, but the connection to the flynax server and plugins do not work.
    Also all tables in the admin panel show no content to.

    Most of problems with remote plugin installation resulted from server settings
    Can i not imagine because it worked perfectly in 4.1

    It is used PHP 5.3.
    Please check the problem. Flynax 4.2 is in this time not a final version.

    More at email or live chat.

    Best Regards
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    Yes unfortunately 4.2 had some problems, if its still not resolved on your site please submit ticket or pm me details with actual problems we will resolve.

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