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Thread: Version 5 feature requests.

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    Got a couple more ideas to possibly implement into v5 of flynax.

    1/ Ability to add a new/own page for registration process depending on account type (basically so you can have a seperate page for dealer registrations and seperate page for private sellers registrations or depending on how many account types you have)

    2/ Ability to add new/own page listing pages for adding listings (similar to above)

    3/ Dealer pages - ability for dealers to customise their page slightly with maybe a banner, change text colours, change box colours etc.

    Think thats it for now, sure i will come up with more
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    I just made a post here about implementing a plugin that creates jquery image slider. Please read and let me know what you think.

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    Also, a bidding system would be nice as well.

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    Feature for next version (5):
    For me is interesting the "compare listings" feature, but it is only the half work, i have to choose manually the results, a customer expects more service from a listing page, they expect a result-list.
    That works perfectly when you have structured input like with dropdown-, radiobuttons- or checkboxes selections.
    For example: I have 3 fields with each 20 options for selecting in a checkbox, that is to much for a proactive search, so my idea is to have a "compare for fields(dropdown-fields or radio-buttons) and checkboxes against a "customer wish perfil" and show automatic only the resultlist (page), so i dont have to view many profiles and save a lot of time.
    For example:
    Customer wish list:
    Product: Digicam
    Feature: Checkboxes (16 million pixels, optical zoom, geofence, youtube-connection, lens-cleaning, touch-screen for menu, color black, etc.)
    Service: Checkboxes (3 Years warranty, pickup-service at my location, substitute camera for time of repairment, etc.)
    Price: Checkboxes (final sale)

    Result Listings:
    Listings that fit wishlist ( If not fit any listing, give a message that you must reduce wishlist features to find a result in the list

    Every customer/user can have different wish-lists(for different products or services he search), you can also configure how often the system makes wishlist-compare(daily, each 3 days, weekly, each 14 days, monthly) that he get a email with the link to the result-page(list) when he has success, so he get automatic the results.

    The wishlist ca be a form for each user that can be build automatic by the user and manage the system, or an email-request-form.

    Result: Listings that fit wishlist ( If the system not find any listing it give a message to the user that he must reduce wishlist features to find a results.

    Thank you for your support or review


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    When the new 5 version will be ready?

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    Hopefully it will be a while before it gets released. So it can be tested alot before the final release.

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    Hello Vitalijs,

    I also hope that it will be extensively tested before it is offered as a final version.
    This all takes a lot of time and of course that would be ok.
    It brings nothing to release an unfinished product with many errors and problems.
    Furthermore, i hope that this version can also be used for the european market from the beginning.

    The following things i had to add in version 4.1 / 4.2 so that it can be used for the European market:

    - Prices with comma as decimal symbol (I have programmed it so that each award price format can be created for all countries)
    - After successful payment, an invoice is generated as a pdf
    - Email attachment, because terms.pdf specified by law by email, also invoice.pdf by payment email. ( An inquiry at Flynax gave $110 for customization. / Ten lines of code...? )
    - The disclosures of VAT at prices
    - VAT-ID verification at registration process
    - Sofort AG Payment gateway as payment method for german, austrian and swiss market.

    and a lot more....
    In short it's all so programmed that it works for each country and its conditions. Not only US and GB market.
    That should be even with version 5.

    Furthermore, the current smarty and phpmail framework should be used Flynax 5.
    A responsive template would also new standard and saves the extra mobile template.

    Best regards
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    what i would like to see in version 5:

    1. account creation to be done in 1 step
    2. add a new listing to be done in 1 step
    3. images and videos to be shown in the same page, using the same lightbox
    4. field "phone" added to quick register, same as email (to be checked in database if exists)
    5. replace the sorting of listings with the usual dropdowns with values like lower prices or higher prices like in any script
    6. do not show the Short form fields as listings sorting !!!!!!!!!!! Sort the ads by title? comme on.....if i do not want to show Title as sorter, than the title from each listing is gone........why they should be together i don't know. apply request 5. and 6 will be solved as well
    7. a regular "save the search" function like in any script, meaning that user types his keywords and than he can saves that search
    8. register should be done only with username and email and after that, the moment user logins he should get notify with link inviting him to fill in the data like address or contact data etc (since we already allow facebook login)
    9. RESPONSIVE TEMPLATES so that the script works on most devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc, without any custom application like iphone or android version
    10. a real working location on map, as sugested on forum, that works fine with the data addded from account and wich shows the listings properly

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    OK, I've done some thinking and this is somethings I wanna include in 5.0.

    1) Possibility to trace newsletters by click and openings, maybe a graph would be nice.
    2) When making a listing featured, color on the ad instead of this frame around the image.
    3) One page submit, this is very important 'cause now it's like over-engineered.
    4) Responsive template with LESS and CSS for easy change and customizing.

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    Here a little video for features i wish in Flynax 5.
    This features are all also implemented in my script.
    I think that this features usefull for all others. Especially for european customers.

    You can see follow:
    - Invoice Data -> These information are required for the invoice.pdf
    - Price Format & VAT -> Formatting of the prices and information for sales tax. VAT is also taken for the invoice calculation
    - Additional features in the pages and block creation
    - New TinyMCE 4 Editor


    Also a problem of the 4.2 version is in the beginning to see.

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