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Thread: Version 5 feature requests.

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    Version 5 feature requests.

    As seen as John posted in another thread regarding feature requests for flynax version 5, i thought i would start a thread that we can all post in with potential ideas and improvements.

    I will start with a few.

    1/ News articles section, abilty to categorise news articles kind of like a blog so you can sort them like car articles, bike articles, boat articles. Then the abilty to create content blocks related to these categories so i can for example put car news on my car pages and bike news on my bike pages.

    2/ An inbuilt FAQ system, i know we have the current plugin but i think it needs abit more thought instead of being just like the news plugin.

    3/ I know over the last few years theres been lots of discussions regarding the add listing category tree. I have to admit i would prefer a selection box system. So something that gives the option to choose between both systems.

    4/In contact form the abilty to add different email departments in admin with maybe a text description box for each department so you can write desription or rules of contact if you know what i mean. Selection box in contact form front end to choose department with the description box which changes depending on which department you choose.

    5/ A search tool in account manager for dealers that have lots of listings

    Thats it for the time being, sure i had more but i forgot them, may come to me tomorrow

    I am sure there will be loads of ideas but most will mainly suit to be plugins. These i have listed i think would be good in the basic script.

    Need any help, a chat to discuss or testing give us a shout

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