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Thread: JS/CSS Files Compressor Error

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    Yes this is helpful plugin but required correct configuration.

    Hi Nguyen Dat tai,

    If you uninstall also the problem will not end.

    I hope once installed this plugin your entered into the risk zone. We need to do proper configure the plugin otherwise the problem will run in the back end site will go down. Even If you uninstall also the problem will continued I have seen one of the article JS/CSS Compressor will compress the all JS& CSS code into single. If uninstall some code will come to normal some codes won’t come to normal we have to change manually.

    For that only I have done extra payment for JS/CSS Compressor configuration. Even flynax team (Vladimir) done configuration but he not done properly because still I have lot of problem with this plugin. Again I have created the ticket but no response as of now.


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    Flynax developer John's Avatar
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    Hello Guys,
    Please check this post:

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    Hello John,

    I have submitted the ticket on 27th Sep for JS/CSS Compressor configuration. Vladimir done the configuration but Still not fixed my problem. May I know how many days need to wait for this? Why this much slow?


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    JS/CSS Compressor configuration is finished, Now site text styles and looks is good. But Site load time

    if I Install the JS/CSS Compressor plugin my site load time is 5.21Sec.

    If Uninstall the S/CSS Compressor plugin site load time is 3.80Sec.

    May I know any benefit in the JS/CSS Compressor plugin?

    Any idea (or) advice for this.


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