Sorry for the list of questions but have searched the forum and tried numerous things to resolve these "issues" ourselves. Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

We have an escort site (www.girl4u.co) and have a few issues in relation to how things are appearing:

1. The site is displayed offset to the right instead of centred on the screen (we have tried various monitor sizes and computers/laptops). Any idea how to fix this?

2. On our menu bar we have a number of options e.g Girls, Guys etc. When these are selected the user is taken to an intermediary page with no listings showing. They then have to select the category, for example Girl Profiles to see the listings. Is there a way to skip this intermediate page / stop it displaying? Also on this intermediary page the Quick Search is shown the the category. Is there anyway to turn this off?

3. When the user goes to a page with listings, e.g. girl profiles, the screen display area is smaller and moved further to the right with the result being only 2 listings a line can be displayed instead of 4 like the home page. Any idea how to fix this?

4. Featured forms - we have these setup to display name, region and are yet for featured listings on the home page they only show name. Also when you hover over you get name and phone number yet hovering over general listings you get name, region, area and phone which is as per the listing form. Any ideas?