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Thread: How to change domain in your account?

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    How to change domain in your account?

    I'm pretty new to flynax society. Just got my account activated today,
    I have a question regarding the domain. I input the wrong domain for my account and would like to change it. In Vbulletin this is a piece of cake; but in flynax case, I find myself in need of support from flynax team.

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    Also I would like to install it in another host and modify it before install it to my main host. It wont be used for any commercial purpose. Just to modify and edit. Is it ok?

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    If the domain u provided flynax with does not match your domain you will need to contact support I would think.

    I would install on subdomain on your main host, least that way you will know all the changes work on that server. As it seems sometimes different server setups may cause different issues

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    Yes, I did contact support before I posted here, as soon as I realized the domain is unchangeable. But I haven't heard anything back ever since

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    Hi there! I also have entered a wrong domain for flynax. The support is also not answering. Did you ever find a solution for solving the problem with wrong domain? best regards

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    Hello Peter,

    Your domain has been changed. Changing a domain for a license takes a few hours and cannot be done right away for security reasons.
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