I love the new Auto Main Blue template for my auto classifieds site (tsikot.com). It is clean and I love the slider featuring the featured ads.

However, I need help in editing the templates to make it fit the banners that I used to have using my old customized template.

1. How can we widen the width from its current 960 to about 1020 so that a 728 x 90 banner can fit inside the header beside the logo. I find the search box in the header redundant since there are search boxed that can be put in certain blocks per page. Additionally, what will be the template edits (i presume the header.tpl) and css edits needed (request some guidance here) to insert the 728 x 90 banner in the header? This is illustrated in the first attachment below.

Auto Main Blue Request 1.jpg

2. Likewise, since we will be widening the site, how can I increase the width of the main / center column of the home page to accommodate another 728x90 banner and also a fifth thumbnail / listing. As it is now, there is a gaping space between the last listing thumbnail and the right border of the center page. Adding one or two latest listings will just be carried over to the next row. I think it is needing more space. Please see below.

Auto Main Blue Request 2.jpg

3. Third, in the ad listing view, how can I widen the central column so that a 728 x 90 banner or adsense adlinks (728 x 15) can be isnerted a s a block without sticking out of the right border? Please see third attachment.

Auto Main Blue Request 3.jpg

I am not really adept in CSS files and templates here at flynax and every suggestion or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!