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Thread: giroPay Payment Plugin v1.0.0

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    giroPay Payment Plugin v1.0.0

    Hello @ all German Users,

    here is the giroPay Payment Plugin.

    INFO! - This is not an official plugin from Flynax.

    What is Giropay?

    Giropay is the most popular form of online payment in Germany and similar to the Dutch iDEAL.
    Giropay is supported by Sparkassen, Postbank, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, MLP, Cronbank, Readybank, CVW Privatbank and PSD Bank.
    Together they cover 85% of the German market.

    The real-time payment system is easy to use and very convenient for German account holders.
    Your customers personally transact the payment within their online banking environment.
    Plugin Info

    So your customers can pay using Giropay, you will need an acceptance contract.
    The distributor GiroSolution provides this to an online application that you can fill out right here.
    You can find the conditions there as well.

    Giropay does only work with EUR currency bank accounts!

    Plugin Features

    The Giropay Payment transaction has three stages when completed payment.
    You can see this in Flynax Admin Panel -> Common -> Transactions.

    1. giroPay (PAID)
    If you see this in Transactions - the payment was success.

    2. giroPay (PENDING)
    If you see this in Transactions - the payment is pending.

    INFO! Flynax classified can not distinguish between paid and pending status!?
    Therefore is no possibility to manually activate pending transactions if they become paid status.
    Would possibly a feature for Flynax 4.2?
    However in this case you should have to check this payment manually in your giropay or bank account later!
    In favor of the customer, the package will be unlocked also in pending status.
    So be careful and look at pending status and if no payment, then delete the listing plan or package for the user.

    3. giroPay (TEST PAID) or giroPay (TEST PENDING)
    If you see this stages in Transactions - then this payment was made with activated test mode. You got no real money!

    All other stages were not successful and are not considered.

    Plugin Settings

    You will find the Settings for giroPay in Flynax Admin Panel -> Common -> Configurations -> Payment gateways

    1. giroPay-Payment = enable / disable || Enable or disable the giroPay payment
    2. Test Mode = On / Off || Test mode for simulated payments.
    3. Merchant-ID = Your Merchant-ID || Your Merchant-ID from GiroCockpit (Giropay Account)
    3. Project-Id = Your Project-Id || Your Project-Id from GiroCockpit (Giropay Account)
    4. Project-Password = Your Project-Password || Your Project-Password from GiroCockpit (Giropay Account)
    6. Giropay Currency = EUR || Check your Flynax script system currency! Use only EUR currency!

    Info for Testmode

    In Test Mode the following fields can be left empty.

    - Merchant-ID
    - Project-Id
    - Project-Password

    It is also ok if data are entered in Test Mode.
    However, in real mode these fields are required!

    On the redirect page (Giropay Testpage) you can use only follow Account numbers

    Account number: 1110000300 || for Successful transaction
    Account number: 1110000310 || for Rejected transaction
    Account number: 1110000390 || for Transaction with unknown result

    You can use any 5 digit number as a PIN and any 6 digit number as a TAN in Test Mode.

    NOTE! Do not forget to turn off the Test Mode in live mode!

    Ok thats all.
    Everyone who need it => GiroPay.zip

    Download and extract the GiroPay.zip and upload the giroPay Folder via ftp into the plugins folder.
    Then install in the admin panel at plugins.

    I hope it works in the real business.
    Please test and report here in this thread.

    Best regards
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    Hello Steffen,
    I want to thank you for this payment plugin.
    I am not sure if I am the only one who would use this plugin.

    I downloaded the package and the extracted folder is now in the plugin folder.
    As you see in the screenshot, it is enabled and it is also in test mode.

    Anyway, if I want to test it with a payment (I want to say that my system is customized by flynax - I hope not that this could be a problem for your plugin) I don't recive any possibility to choose between PayPal (which is now in the "sandbox" test mode) and your payment plugin.

    Has the plugin the possibility to be choosen? I know, in the "normal" PayPal there is the possibility to pay with giropay (as I understand, if my bank has it as possibility). Should I understand that your plugin is as a stand-alone gateway or in combination with another gateway?

    As screenshots I add the configuration and a payment try but there I hadn't giropay to choose.
    SafariSchnappschuss025.jpg SafariSchnappschuss026.jpg


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    Hi Matthias,

    this plugin is a stand-alone payment gateway.

    Why the plugin is not displayed for you in the payment is beyond me.
    For me it is displayed. It could be possible that this problem cause by a customization.

    Or you must renew your site cache or clear your browser cache...


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    Steffen, thank you for the answer.
    I will ask flynax for the possibility to install a non customizated version on a subdomain and then I will install your plugin as the first.
    Perhaps in this way.

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    No problem.
    But before, check this with clearing your browser cache or through the admin panel to renew the page cache.

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