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Thread: Some one replcing remote add code to there own code..how?

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    Some one replcing remote add code to there own code..how?

    Hi ,

    Today I seen some one added the Banner ads on my website even I have not created any banner plan for other I kept only for admin. Still they added. (I dont know where from they added).

    Other one... I have added remote ads on my site they replaced the remoteads code to there banner ads code. I dont know how?

    How to fix this problem? See the image



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    Hacker from Flynax hosting..Only..

    Site Name: buybyarab.com

    See All the Image Below..

    Why and what they want..? ...

    Flynax.team..need to fix this issuse..Its should not happen to other also..Who know very well about flynax software..they only can do this...Others its not passible..



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    I Found where this guy added his code..He added in the Welcome block...I dont know how he added...

    Anyone here know Is it passible to add (otherperson cad add the code to my site welcome block) without open my admin panel?

    See the Image



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    I don't think you need to be a genius of a super Flynax expert to get in to your admin panel. All fresh installed Flynax websites has the same access credentials, just like the demo.
    To me as soon as the new site is launched, you should change your access details and use a real strong password, like using capitals letters mixed to question marks, slashes and numbers, and do not save it anywhere.
    And for sure there will be always some skillful one able to get in to your account. Btw, maintaining a site is also to keep bastards out of it as part of the game.
    My personal experience with the well known vBullettin forum platform, in 5 years we had a dozen of hi jackers hacked it, just to messing it up.
    You have been lucky, just a bunner is not a bad damage, but I'm worried about it too.

    -What Flynax people have to say about it? Any concerns or suggestions?

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    Ramu, my site http://tsikot.com was hacked too. Replacing all the adsense ads with their own code with the same adsense code as your hacker with the strange arabic letters in the adsense code name. he also added strange tracker code below the adsense code.

    I found out when I noticed that there were more than three adsense ads showing on a page (maximum is only three) and banners from competitors (which i blocked via adsense dashboard) were showing.

    I noticed that he was able to add a new administrator (with no email) when I viewed "Administrators" in the dashboard.

    I implemented the security patches to certain files as recommended in the security thread, changed the passwords, deleted all other administrators.

    Hoping for the best and will keep you folks updated.
    My Flynax Installation: Car Finder Philippines

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    This was what the hacked added to the content box for the banner:

    <!-- Start of StatCounter Code for Default Guide -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var sc_project=9232793;
    var sc_invisible=1;
    var sc_security="52fa4f2a";
    var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ?
    "https://secure." : "http://www.");
    document.write("<sc"+"ript type='text/javascript' src='" +
    <noscript><div class="statcounter"><a title="web analytics"
    href="http://statcounter.com/" target="_blank"><img
    alt="web analytics"></a></div></noscript>
    <!-- End of StatCounter Code for Default Guide -->
    My Flynax Installation: Car Finder Philippines

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    How can you find out if some one changes the adsense codes?

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    Even i found the same behavior.Looks like the code came from the JS/html compressor.From the day i installed My google adsence revenue is gone and maps were not working.

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    I'm having the same issue. My one adsense ad has been replaced, and my welcome block has become an ad. I've changed admin login info and added the updated security patch code, but nothing helps. Each day the ads are switched back again. If I make the welcome block inactive, the next day it has been over-ridden. How can this be? I don't see any other administrators in the admin panel.

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    As i replied in another thread we have applied arrangements to your website, you have nothing to worry about.
    Also you have ticket about the issue, please let us know if you still have problems or questions.

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