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Thread: Several questions - Map location and other details

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    Several questions - Map location and other details

    Hi all,

    I have the Realty classified app.
    I have several questions, need your help to know where to navigate to change certain things.
    A big thank you in advance!

    1) How to change default google location map? It is always USA, will like to change to other country.

    2) I removed all categories and added my own. All new categories have same fields, do I have to drag and drop the same form fields for all the categories which I added? Is there an easier way to assign the same set of fields to all the categories?

    3) In the app homepage, there are 2 tabs, Listing and Services. I removed all existing categories and added new ones and renamed the 2 tabs. New "Listing" tab still links to new categories, but new "Services" tab doesn't react to clicks. What went wrong here?

    4) For main categories with sub-categories, when I do an "add new listing", how to make the main categories expand (showing all sub-cats) by default?

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