vBulletin plugin has out-of-order installation way, so the following instruction will help you to install the plugin properly.
vBulletin plugin contains two plugins inside, one for reefLESS using and one for vBulletin using, well you should install our plugin two times, please follow the steps below to meet the successfully results.

Download the vBulletin plugin from http://www.flynax.com
There are two folders in downloaded archive:
- reefless - plugin for Flynax
- vbulletin - plugin for vBulletin

Flynax part installation
1. The contents of the reefless folder (vbulletin folder) upload the Flynax plugins directory on your server (/FLYNAX_ROOT/plugins/).
2. Go to Flynax Admin Panel > Plugins and install vBulletin plugin (just click on Install button).
3. Well plugin installed, go to Configurations > vBulletin and fill in the "vBulletin path" field and save.
Hooray! Flynax plugin installation part done...

Now vBulletin part installation
1. Open the downloaded plugin folder (on your PC) and follow to vbulletin folder.
2. Copy the file session.php to the /path_to_forum/.
3. Copy the file reeflessblock.php to the /path_to_forum/includes/block/
4. Go to vBulletin Admin Panel to install vBulletin plugin part.
4.1. Tab Plugins & Products > Manage Products
4.2. Click on [Add/Import Product] link
4.3. Specify the path to the xml file (PC: /vbulletin/vbulletin/product-reefless.xml) In Import Product field
4.4. Click Import
Hooray! vBulletin plugin installation part done too...

To add Flynax block with featured listings to the Forum you should:
1. Log in Forum Admin Panel and add a new block "ReefLESS Featured Listing".
2. Click on [Reload Block Types] if new block does not appears.

Looks like that all, so plugin should works correctly if you followed the instruction attentively.
Anyway we are waiting for your comments, notices or requests and we will be glad to help you if you have any problems with installation.

Good luck!