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Thread: New version 2.3.3 Banner Plugin Problem

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    New version 2.3.3 Banner Plugin Problem

    Hello Flynax,

    I have uninstalled the Banner Plugin because the new version 2.3.3 Problem. And Newly Installed now I am not able to add the adsense code to the HTML BOX . Its showing below error.

    Error: Unknown column 'Follow' in 'field list'
    Query: INSERT INTO `fl_banners` ( `Plan_ID`, `Box`, `Type`, `Account_ID`, `Date_release`, `Date_from`, `Date_to`, `Link`, `Follow`, `Status`, `Html`, `Image`, `Pay_date` ) VALUES ( '1', 'bb_vp_top', 'html', '1', '1377190329', '1377190329', '0', '', '0', 'active', ' ', 'html', '1377190329' )
    Function: query
    Class: rlDb
    File: /home/jip8348/public_html/plugins/banners/rlBanners.class.php (line# 466)

    Why its happening??????

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    The issue sorted out already in your ticket.

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    No still have a issuse

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your kind reply...

    But My problem not resolved ..Please check this ...



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