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Thread: Flynax Auto: How to make browse listing by Local?

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    Flynax Auto: How to make browse listing by Local?


    How to make browse listing by Local, Price Range,....?
    It's like Browse by Body Styles (http://auto.demoflynax.com/body-style/coupe.html)

    For example,
    • Browse listing by Local: domain.com/local/california.html (Only show all cars in California.)
    • Browse listing by Price Range: domain.com/prices/under-1000.html (Only show cars under 1000$).


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    You can do it without problems for locations - you have to add new box through the fieldBoundBox plugin.

    But it's not possible unfortunately to add box with price ranges (

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    I did have it for locations using the field bound boxes which was good http://motoradsuk.co.uk/local-used-cars.html , but since swapping to the geo multi field plugin I can't use it any more. As it doesn't have the option to relate to the different multi level field locations if you know what I mean.

    Hopefully this will be added in the future as would love to get this back up and running
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