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Thread: Listings became invisible for visitors

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    Listings became invisible for visitors


    Please help, what I did wrong in Admin Panel that listings now visible only for registered users.
    I checked everything but i couldnt resolve the problem.

    if not registered user wont to see listing there is blank page.

    Before this happened I`ve experimented with various plugins......

    Thanx in advance

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    What plugins did you mess with ?

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    facebook connect
    geo filtering
    categories icons
    Remote Ads

    facebook connect I uninstall

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    I resolve this problem.
    I replaced files in Template folder from my older archives copy and now everything OK

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    I got the same above problem now.

    visitors not able to see the listing view detail page (only header part is shown), if they log in then they can see listing view details page.

    let me know any solution to fix this in reply.

    Thank you

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