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Thread: Really need help with this SEO friendly url question

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    Really need help with this SEO friendly url question

    For some reason, flynax forum replace all of my vietnamese character that I was trying to use as example.

    I have submit a ticket in the beginning of last week. But it seems this mod is complex and at the same time flynax support team was busy. They couldn't help me as soon as I need. This is the biggest issue at this moment for my flynax site. So I'm posting it here in the hope that some one could help me out.

    I will describe carefully the problem. So my country language is vietnamese and they share similar alphabet with english: a-z, but with some special mark for example:
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    I'm so sorry the forum didn't show a nice and clean explanation that I had prepared. I will edit eveything. and repost
    I have tried several things and it still doesn't show up. And I feel strongly that those special character is need to be showed in order to give you guys a better understanding so I made a pdf file. Please have a look. Thank you

    P/S: It seems the forum doesn't allow me to upload more than 20 files, I clicked on Manage Attachments but there is not option to delete old attachment, upload new files is undoable with 20/20. I went to my profile setting and manage to delete my attachments under mis. attachments section. Went back here and its still showed that I have 20 uploads. Trying to find another way to get the pdf upload.
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    Hopefully this will show the file


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    I still really need help for this matter. Been trying alot of things.
    I think I need to do something with this but can't figure out how.
    libs > utf8 > utils > db >

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