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Thread: Users bug thread with or without solutions

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    [General][ Version 4.1.0][ General Modern] Photos, thumbnails and sql traces leaving

    [General][ Version 4.1.0][ General Modern] Photos, thumbnails and sql traces leaving behind after deleting a listing by admin.- [ leaving deleted files and sql traces in “Files Directory” in root and “fl_listing” and “fl_listing_photos” tables in sql D-Base]

    Discription - If we delete a listing through admin panel then remove it from the trash. Those deleted listings are leaving traces in fl_listing and fl_listing_photos tables in sql D-Base. Also leaving uploaded photos and thumbnails in "files" directory in root folder without deleting them. So there is no option to delete them other than manually delete them through c-panel or FTP. If the site has so many user accounts and so many postings deleting those manually will be time wasting and can cause other issues.
    I have tested this many times, same result every time.

    Solution: Not found.


    Original Threat link – http://www.flynax.com/forum/showthre...ghlight=Photos

    I am reediting the threat on 31/07/2013 Flynax Team member Mike is now working on this issue under a different threat - http://www.flynax.com/forum/showthre...ly-delete-data
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    Hi all,

    For bugs in mobile apps were created following sections:
    iOS App Bug Reports
    Android App Bug Reports

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    Exclamation [ALL][ Version 4.1.0] User menu bug!

    Discription - I found a bug in user menu

    When a user edited and saved his profile, some links disappear in the user menu.
    Disappearances links are e.g.:
    • My Listings
    • My Banners
    • ...

    To see again the missing links, the user must refresh the page.
    You can reproduce this bug also on all flynax demo pages.

    Pictures from flynax demo pages.

    Before profile edit

    After profile edit

    Solution: Thanks Exe for fast solution in the following post.


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    Fix for User menu bug


    Open to edit: /includes/classes/rlAccount.class.php

    Find the part of code: (~line: 1627) [the code into a function editProfile]
    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code
    and add the following code like this:

    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code

    Other than that happy coding...
    Flynax Technical Department

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