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Thread: Keeping expired listings in Google Index

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    Keeping expired listings in Google Index

    I think it would be important that expired listings still stay in the Google Index, otherwise You loose content.

    So for example somebody has a 30-day plan: After 30 days the listings should not be reached by search or showed on category pages but they should still be in some kind of Archive. So for example a footer link to Archives with all old pages would increase the amount of unique content/pictures the domain has.

    Is there any option/plugin for that?

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    But if you, from a Google search, click the link, then you have to set up a 404 page with content "..the listing you tried to view..." so the user get a choice what todo when he or she finds out that it's expired. The expired listings will be a lot after a while and today there are no plugin for this.

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    Hello all,

    If you want to keep listings after expiration but don't show in browse and search you can create a ticket and we will create it for you like customization with some extra fee.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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