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Thread: How to add subcategories for listing field?

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    How to add subcategories for listing field?

    In my country, there are districts in each city.
    I have set my city a drop down menu. What I want to add is another sub drop down list when you choose a specific city.
    For example: there are city a, b, c and each city has different districts like: a1, a2, a3, ba, bb, bc, and c11, c12, c13

    So when you list a product, I want them to choose city from the drop down. If they choose city a, then another drop down show up as: a1, a2, a3.
    For if they pick city b, another drop down follow as: ba, bb, bc.

    This is the best way to make it so ppl can find the ads near the place they are able to go.

    Is this possible to do?

    Thank you

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    Hello Yung Yang,

    Please try to install multifield plugin and configure it.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Thank you.
    I will try it out.

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