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Thread: Question about account integration if bought mutlple flynax license

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    Question about account integration if bought mutlple flynax license

    So I just bought general and lets say I wanna buy car+realty
    Is it possible to integrate all account from 3 of the flynax software (general+realty+car), which means you only need 1 account and will be able to post in all three?

    Also for the realty, my country is Vietnam. So will I get a vietnam map. If so how?

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    You could create different listing types in the one script you currently have, or if you are wanting 3 separate websites I suppose you would need it so all the accounts link to each database

    New Site: CameraSpecs

    Old Site: MotorAdsUk

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    I know I could have done so. But do you know what is the differences between those licenses? Just template? We can pretty much do everything with 1 license?

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    The one license you have will be registered for one domain, so if you want other sites that use a different domains you will need other licenses.

    New Site: CameraSpecs

    Old Site: MotorAdsUk

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    You misunderstood my question. I want to buy 3 licenses for one website only. Just to make it more convenient for users when they have specific need. They can go to each section and happy with it. I dont want 3 separate sites. But are there really any differences between those license? Or they are basically the same with different template. If they are the same then I dont need to buy 3 but will try to modify mine instead.

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    Hello Yung Yang,

    If I correct understand you want 1 domain and 3 sub-domains for example like on flynax demo (auto.your_site.com, realty.your_site.com and general.your_site.com). Will be 1 database for all. Yes it's possible but you should contact with sales department about total price. And needs big customization for merge 3 sites in 1 database.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    I'm just about difference in license types (auto, general etc.):
    different template
    different database data (categories, listing fields)
    different functions (body styles box for auto, some changes in escort etc.)

    Best way to do it as Chris said using different listing types, it's easiest way and no customization required. But layout/design will be same for all listing types.

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