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Thread: MYSQL ERROR when I click SAVE on Admin Panel Configurations

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    Problem solved, thanks Dmitry ..

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    how can i set fl_login_attemps to zero

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Bohman View Post
    Goto fl_login_attempts in your MySql and set the number to zero. The default value for the fl_login_attempts you can find in admin panel and if you succeed this value with a number of login attempts, it will no longer permit that you infact are logged in.
    But then you can not see the record of the login attempt if you wanted to get history out until the db is filled again.

    how can i set fl_login_attemps to zero ??? please help me

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    Hello Amid,

    I suggest you create new ticket with your question our tech department will help you.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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