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Thread: Flynax support - need your help

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    Hey Michael.
    Your comment is somewhat vague and out-of-the-blue.

    Would you like to share what you're going through with your Flynax installation? Sounds like you're not too happy.

    - Ron

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickRon View Post
    Hey Michael.
    Your comment is somewhat vague and out-of-the-blue.

    Would you like to share what you're going through with your Flynax installation? Sounds like you're not too happy.

    - Ron
    Oh i have post my friend but i don't see it anymore no where. Probably in moderation but I'm not happy with support service but really happy with the software and all whats coming with.
    I don't mind to pay even if i would find this ridiculous for some efficient custom coding WE would all need but the worst part is with a slow support sometimes is make it hard for us to go further.
    My life have been TIME IS MONEY and i can tell you right now having to come whining on a forum is not my first priority but i need to voice my unhappyness

    here is:

    Hi all
    First i would like to know if anyone have at the moment CCbill as merchant using flynax ? I have request to have the plug in installed and few days later the plug in was installed
    Flynax team haved first answering me YES WE HAVE PLUG IN WITH CCBILL and the following days later, another team member mention to me we do not provide ccbill plug in anymore

    Well i run an adult website escorts directory and CCBILL working with me to clean up my site ( policies requirement ) and help me step by step in the process.
    They are well aware of what i do ( escorts classified ) and they have no problem offering merchant service BUT I NEED TO COMPLY TO THEIR POLICIES.

    The only policy they HAVE A REAL PROBLEM WITH is : my site is 18 years + adult oriented.
    ( THIS MEAN the one who sign up and place an ad on my site need to be over the age of 18 years old + AND I AGREE WITH THIS.... )

    It's been few days i have inform flynax about this little issue:
    ASKING THEM REMOVED/BLOCK the sign up age from : 1996 - 2013 ( as CCBILL request ) to enable my merchant account )

    oh yeah someone have reply to my ticket about it but just seems to ignore my request NOT ENVEN MENTION TO ME ABOUT IT OR WHEN IT WILL BE DONE....

    Guys i pay my support every month for a reason , and right now you guys make me lose LOTS OF MONEY..........

    Whats up with that .....



    Losing money i mean i want to target all the USA MARKET IN THE ADULT CLASSIFIED
    I live in Canada and the only way i can get pay fast and automate is by online transaction, and this is where my problem is.
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    well i got an answer exactly 20hour ago and guess what ? No mention about my request exept they have a guy like me before and CCBILL have cut off their account.
    PROBABLY .... But if those guys have get their account cut off is because they have done something not right..... ex: following policies...

    TO THE FLYNAX TEAM I HAVE A QUESTION ..... Do i need to find another software ? because you make me waist lots of time.. if is the case just answer here or my tickets..... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...

    Never see this kind of behavior from a support service, ANSWERING ticket with out answer the main question....

    NOT IMPRESS.. i'm really Not a happy camper right now and i hope this will change in the very short time.
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    *** update ***

    GREAT NEWS !!!!

    Finally my voice have reach one of the flynax team member and he have reply to me and telling me he will take care of this!
    He have also explain to me why they was very cautious about this and i understand more clearly right now.
    Anyhow, i was having an issue and seems like it's going to be fix. GREAT NEWS

    I will let you all know when all is set also when i have officially my merchant account activated with CCBILL should be with in the next 72 hour.

    As for the OP, very sorry to haved hijack your thread ( it was not intentional; i guess in the hot moment of my frustration i was in need to vent lol )


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    Hello Michael Brian,

    We really don't understand what you wanted to achieve by adding the critical posts in the thread unless you wanted to damage our reputation. We agree there was misunderstanding on our part in the ticket but we replied to your posts on a regular basis trying to help you. Indeed one of our customers was cut off from CCbill in view of the contents of his site and we thought the same might happen to you. We simply didn't want to waste your money and time. Following your request we've made the changes you wanted. Please give us a favor and keep support-related discussions and criticism in the tickets because forum is intended for collective discussions of bugs, features, suggestions and not for criticizing the Team.
    Sales Manager
    Flynax Company

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