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Thread: Flynax support - need your help

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    Flynax support - need your help

    NOTE: This issue has been resolved - sorry for my public rant!

    I am starting to get REALLY pissed off about flynax support.

    I bought the software 2 weeks ago.

    It took 4 DAYS before I was able to even download the software.

    Then I needed the phone number fields to simply display a standard US phone number. THAT still isn't resolved. I pointed out that in the last phone number field, you can not use a number beginning in a zero. 111-111-0111 would display as 111-111-111. You guys finally whipped up some code to fix that. (making it a whole number field instead of an integer - or visa vera - I think) I consider that a bug in the software more than a customization. However, you still can't add an area code, prefix and 4 digit phone number - all you can do is add a 3 digit code and a 7 digit number.... you can't even add a dash between the prefix and number!!!! (weak!)

    For the past 10 plus days, I have requested a few simple modifications. I need the dealer logo to appear above the dealer listings, I need the Company name to appear in place of the first name and last name (I have added the Company name field to using the account fields and drag and drop form builder) and I need the Account listings tab to be the active tab instead of the account details tab.... and I still need to be able to add a standard US number!!!!

    In your presale information you state that I am to receive 30 days of tech support, and that you will make simple modifications that will not take more than 30 minutes.

    1. If these simple modifications take more than 30 minutes, your programmers are slow!

    2. $600 for this script is NOT insignificant. I didn't buy it to waste my money AND time. I need to get a working site up.

    3. Your tech support has been more than frustrating - it's been non existent!

    Finally a few days ago, using the support ticket system, someone said these modifications would cost $60. MORE. I even agreed to that.

    Have these changes been made yet?

    HELL NO!

    It seems to me, the software download AND minor changes could have been taken care of in a day or 2 - 2 plus WEEKS is ridiculous!!!!

    Are you guys supporting this software and standing behind YOUR WORDS - or not?

    I am not the only one complaining about flynax support, shall I post links?

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    Take easy.

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    Hey Marc.
    I can understand your frustration. I think we all experienced some frustration at some point when first using the software.

    You mentioned 30 days of support. Actually, you get the first 3 months of support included. Of course, that shouldn't affect support's response time. I'm in the United States, on the west coast. Whenever I open a ticket, I have to wait at least 24 hours for a response, and sometimes even longer. But I understand that Flynax is somewhere in Eastern Europe and I also understand that I'm not the only customer. So, if it takes a bit longer, but I get the support I need, so be it. That's just the way it is.

    I've worked on a couple of other major classifieds systems and I just got onto Flynax a month ago. Yes. $600 is not cheap. And no software is perfect. But one of the reasons I did get into Flynax is because of the features and plugins that are included in the price! And the design flexibility. The software is quite robust and the more I work with it, the more I'm impressed. Are there things lacking? Sure. But, it seems that when Flynax quotes additional work, their prices are quite reasonable (compared with the other companies). Also, the fact that they develop (and support) their own plugins is a godsend! You do not want to deal with 3rd party developers. It's a nightmare!

    Anyway, I'm not here to defend Flynax. I've had my fair share of frustration, and there are certainly areas for improvement. But, in the greater scope of things, 2 weeks is not a whole lot of time. Try giving the support group some leeway and I'm sure they'll make you a happy camper.

    Just my 2 cents. (Okay. 5 cents)

    - Ron

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    Thanks Ron... well I think 2 weeks is a long time. If I could get this site up and running (with just these few SIMPLE modifications), I think I would be a lot less frustrated AND willing to spend more for support. As it is, I see NO SUPPORT, NO ONE-ON-ONE HELP, NO CONTACT INFO, NO ONE AT ALL THAT I CAN TALK TO!

    DAYS go by waiting for the simplest of responses.

    I feel a little hoodwinked that there was a Portland Oregon phone number listed, - but when you call - all you get is an answering machine!

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    @Marc, can understand your frustration but in my opinion Flynax is one of the best companies I've been working with when it comes to support. Sure it can take a while sometimes but they always respond, even same day in many cases.
    What you ask about is for sure a modification that affects a great deal of the script which takes a while to insert and secure for bugs. As a user it seems that it is easy but for a programmer you have to think about the whole functionality.
    There's a lot of information regarding the field for phone number in this forum and there's a lot of skilled people here to support you.
    I'm sure Flynax will respond.

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    I agree with Morgan's comments.Flynax is one of the best companies.They have the Best Technical team

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    Flynax support is very good. 2 months back I bought the Flynax software. Flynax giving very good support for me. No doubt Flynax is one of the best companies.

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    Thanks Morgan et al., I sure hope so! I am ready to start promoting my site and making money. I used to run a sit with 50,000 members - ranked 13,000 in all of the US and 50,000 worldwide... not bad for me myself and I - if I do say so myself. I had no problem customizing my own code. I don't know if I have been out of the saddle too long, or the code used in this script is over my head (back to school I guess!)... I hate to even need support. I can't believe I even need to ask for help simply making a logo appear somewhere. A lot of my frustration comes from my inability to do the simplest of things with this software. I have never seen php code so "hard coded". 24 hours after posting this - STILL no response from "Flynax Support".

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    Believe me Marc it takes a while to figure out the structure and understanding Ajax cause the script is full of keys but once you got it worked out then you see the great potential.

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    Still waiting! >:-\

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