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Thread: Amenities?

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    Hello everybody!

    Why do I see the list of amenities on the map? Do I need a table in the database where I should have the coordinates of each amenity?

    Thank you!


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    Good question! I have added my api key... still no amenities. I have also gone into Configurations>Google Map> and selected Amenities>disable, yet the useless amenities menu still appears... any help would be greatly appreciated.


    EDIT: I see now you can disable the amenities box under... Configurations>Listings On Map>disable amenities box. (but I still would like to know how to make amenities appear on the map)
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    Do you know how to add amenities?

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    Hello Adrian,

    Google set and show Amenities. And it is municipal facilities.

    Hello Marc Austin,

    I have checked on Our demo and it is working good. I have disabled Amenities in: Admin Panel >> Configurations >> Google Map line: Local Amenities.

    Hello Client_uk,

    WE are showing default amenities existing in google database. If you want to show custom amenities you should create a ticket with your request.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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