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Thread: What makes your classified site better than the next?

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    What makes your classified site better than the next?

    I was planning on adding a box on my home page with some info on why my site is better than others in the same industry. I have competitors that are getting hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, so I can't compete on that level. We have a lot of unique plugins available, and in general the Flynax script is great for seo, etc, and I plan on listing those things.
    But I'm curious to hear from more experienced website owners here. I am pretty new to this. If you have a site that has been around for a while and that is successful, what do your customers like about your site? What drives sales?


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    Having a site better than the others is not the major point, everyone on this forum should be aware of this.
    Almost every popular classified (general or cars) site are not really good from design or functionalities.

    The only thing you should care about, is your number of visitors and pages view per month/day. That's all that matters and that costs a lot of money.
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    Ver nice site Frank! I will accept with Matthieu people want to get in one site with many visitor to add a listing. Many people they don't think that is FREE for example and the have nothing to loose. In my start looked the google analytics live and saw all the peole get in my site first made search to see if I had listings before go to the add listing page

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