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Thread: Multi Field/ Goe filtering Plugin NOT WORKING - please HELP

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    Multi Field/ Goe filtering Plugin NOT WORKING - please HELP

    I have the plugin called Multi Field / Geo Filtering installed. Some countries have states > cities, other countries have only states and others don't have any sublocation.


    Listings are not appearing under the dropdown of locations. It works on the US map, but nothing works in the dropdown.

    I have paid listings who paid to appear in locations and this is not working.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    correction: the map is NOT working either.

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    I have posted a ticket last month - and after getting the alphabetical order issue fixed, ALL listings under ALL countries, cities, states were WIPED OUT. I have been trying to get a hold of a response in tickets with no help at all after the alphabetical order was changed. I have several paid advertisers to which I am having to refund their money because the site is not working.

    Can someone please HELP ME? I am copying and pasting what I have in a ticket in hopes of someone here will answer:

    Multi Field/Geo Location list of countries/states was changed to alphabetical order, but it WIPED OUT ALL LISTINGS UNDER ALL LOCATIONS on both map and dropdown. Looking in admin, all location >field were wiped out. When I reassgned location to a listing, the change did not appear in the site.

    thank you

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    ? Have you raised a new ticket if so somebody should help you ? have you tried to rebuild all geo locations in your tools section ? admin > common > refresh

    > MultiField: Rebuild Multi Fields (Add missing fields)
    > Rebuild Multi Fields (Recreate all)

    other than that you may need to let somebody look at the admin to see whats gone wrong / the ticket above.
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    Rebuilding deleted the few listings that some locations were showing...

    I have a ticket open for over a month, and I am yet to receive a helpful answer/fix about this.

    Countries are not displaying listings, even after manually setting locations in admin. These changes don't appear in the site. From the users' side, the location field can be updated, but it also doesn't appear on the site.

    It's been extremely frustrating because I paid Flynax to customize this plugin and now that it's live with hundreds of people using, it turns out it's not working. It's been difficult to get help.

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    ? I was going to do a small video to show my geo system working and guess what ? it has all vanished from the site, i have the header but i am unable to select or use it in any way so now I need to also submit a ticket ? I have no idea how something could work has now vanished ?

    anyway this tool lets you screen record and may help better explain what your having troubles with, being a paid modification it probably will need to be the person who done the mod to fix it for you.

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    Thanks, I will use that site in the future.

    I noticed this plugin was updated yesterday. Flynax, can you please help us? I do not want to update the plugin because last time I did this, it made things worse.

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    i have a ticket open for this since May 19. Can anybody at Flynax help???

    ticket GEI-696642

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    Hi huyhnh12, have you find solution for this?
    I got the same error.

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    Dear Deonald,

    What is your error? Please provide us with details to check/fix it.

    Problems huyhnh12 had resulted from the customizations made to the site, and it was not MultiField plugin problems.

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