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Thread: Multi Field/ Goe filtering Plugin NOT WORKING - please HELP

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    Hi Mike, can you check my ticket please: NEN-827089

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    Hi Mike,
    The MultiField not works when post listing. When I choose a region, it should give me lists of Area, but not.
    Another one, when I choose a car Brand, it should give me list of Model, but not.

    Map location not working too. The Loan/Mortgage not working. Facebook icon for Log in with Facebook also missing.

    I try to post from admin area: the multifield not work and map location not show up.

    All this things happen after I updated reCapthca and Category Filter Plugin.
    Now I try to un install them but it doesn’t work. I still got the same error. Yes, my website had some customization's before.

    Help please.

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