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Thread: Checkbox display format

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    Checkbox display format

    My suggestion relates to the checkbox lists and how they are displayed in the front-end.

    In the backend, it's quite clear the way the checkboxes are set out in columns and rows, but in the front end it appears as a long list of items separated by commas which is very difficult to read.

    A number of other sites set them out in rows and columns with ticks etc. to indicate those that are selected.

    Here's one good example - http://www.barcelonaflats.co.uk/fami...s-barcelona-97

    I think this looks very smart and also communicates the features well.

    What do you think?


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    Re: Checkbox display format

    Hello Mark,

    We are sorry for delay with replies here and thank you for you suggestion, we like this way to display checkboxes fields and will implement something like your example in next version.

    Also i think there will be ability to choose columns number for specific fields and maybe other parameters.

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