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Thread: ccAvenue Payment Plugin v1.0.0

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    Hi Steffen,

    Thank you...Your Great Mr.Steffen Buschkemper. Its working really good. Thanks a lot.


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    Dear Steffen,

    We received below msg from CCAvenue, we need an upgrade for ccavenue plugin, please help.

    Dear Merchants,

    Please find an important notification regarding TLE 1.2 protocol mandate.


    The Payment Card Industry (PCI) council, as well as Visa and MasterCard, have issued a mandate that all Merchants and Service Providers configure their systems to use the TLS 1.2 standard for secure connections between systems. This means systems must disable SSL and earlier versions of TLS as they will no longer be compliant and will not be allowed to connect.

    PCI Council: https : // www . pcisecuritystandards.org/documents/Migrating_from_SSL_Early_TLS_Information%20Supplem ent_v1.pdf

    In view of this, as of January 06, 2017 CCAvenue will no longer support TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 over HTTPS on the www. ccavenue.com and secure.ccavenue.com domain.

    All CCAvenue customers and merchants accessing any CCAvenue solution must upgrade /configure systems for use of TLS 1.2. This is a security requirement regardless if the data being accessed is PCI related or not. As this is an industry-wide initiative, your IT organizations should already be determining what actions are required to comply, including applications and systems beyond those connecting to CCAvenue.

    There are two primary methods for communicating with CCAvenue PG:

    Connecting to CCAvenue via a Web Browser while processing Transactions.
    Connecting to CCAvenue via API Calls.
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