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Thread: 404 Error when being redirected to add a listing

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    Unhappy 404 Error when being redirected to add a listing

    I am trying to work through setting up my website and the manual is not helping me very much. It seems to be written from the view of the guy that designed the program which is very technical.

    My issue is that I created a new user on my site but when the user tries to add a new listing from a list of categories he gets the following error message:

    There are no listing fields related to the category, please contact the Administrator to resolve this issue.

    And the only category that has the ability to post on is the province of Ontario, all the other provinces get that same error message.

    Can anybody lend me your smarts and help me figure this out please?

    Thank You in Advance.


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    There are no listing fields related to the category
    you need to go into your admin panel and select categories then select the desired category to edit, from there you can build forms, in here you will need to add the short form , featured form and list form, to these forms you add the listing fields you require for those categories selected.

    you may also create new listing field's if required. ( in the list field options section ) before adding them to a form, to see what is happening open the category that is working and have a look, you should be fine from there.
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    When I enter into the categories section in the AP and select the name of a category I want to built a form around I don't see any items to add in the -Fields list- box .

    Here is a screen shot of what I am trying to explain to you.
    I am probably doing something wrong here can you point it out lol ..

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    This is because that you have creating any listing groups yet and no listings fields. Go to admin, Listings Groups, add new for exampel Place, Price and Condition, etc, then go to Listings Fields create Address, City, Price, New etc. Now you have fields to add into the groups when you goto build categories.

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    Cannot do search for recently added ads when I try a quick search

    After I go and add a listing to my site and later try to do a search for it either via Quick Search or Advanced Search I get a 404 error message.

    I also am unable to click on the listing that I created and bring up expanded details about it.

    Help please.

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    Had the same problem after using IM/ EX Category plugin
    Imported a bunch of new Categories - Autos
    after clicking "Sell a Car " and selecting Make / Model
    " There are no listing fields related to the category, please contact the Administrator to resolve this issue."
    Q. Build for each - > Short Form | Listing Form | Featured Form
    Drag / move all "Field List" items ( about 28) to " Form " then click save for each above ?
    Try it for one and it worked , Can I proceed to do it for the rest of new categories -autos ?
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