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Thread: Bug: "My Listings" option do not appear on log in

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    This is happening to several users on the site, not just me. This has been reported to happen on all browsers - for both PC and Mac. "My listings" sometimes shows on log in, sometimes it doesn't . You have to manually refresh the page to pull this link if it does't appear the first time = terrible usability = several support emails we have to reply.

    Viktor, most importantly, I am waiting for your answer about the broken thumbnails on the site as well as image distortion caused by the new uploader.


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    It's been 4 MONTHS and no answer to my question. There are several serious issues with this script and no one is able to fix them.

    Users randomly don't see "my listings" on log in.

    User randomly cannot log in at all ---- pages refreshes back to log in prompt button

    Can anyone help?????

    Both instances happened with me as well. Using ALL BROWSERS ON BOTH MAC AND PC.


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    We still can't reproduce the problem, also as we never seen this before i'm pretty sure that it results from customizations made by your programmer.
    Even so i tried many times to reproduce this problem and fix, but i wasn't able to see it even once.

    As you have ticket for the problem, please reply there.

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    PM your website so I can have a look. I think I know how to fix this problem

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    These issues have bee reported a long time ago.

    If you are taking money for a script, you should know how it works with the palm of your hands. Using external work shouldn't be an excuse. Code is code.

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    I can see the issue with my listing wont appear, but have no clue with the login button you PM me

    Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.02.18 PM.jpg

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    In case others need solution, its related to the facebook connect plugin:


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