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Thread: (Automotive) Add 'Year' option to searches, and to listing form.

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    (Automotive) Add 'Year' option to searches, and to listing form.

    I'm using an automotive template. I would like to add the ability to search by year on the home page, and to manually enter the year when placing a listing.
    Initially there was a drop-down option for year for the listing, but I could not add years to the range and I am working on classic car classifieds. So I removed that and added a 'Year' option in 'Data Entries' section with a complete year range. And I added 'Year' to 'Field Groups' and 'Listing Field', but it does not show up on the website. Can anyone help me get this straightened out?
    I am new to Flynax and am having a difficult time getting the hang of this. For example, I can't get the plugin ZIP files extracted correctly and it is driving me crazy.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Hello Frank,
    Your request enough specific and you'd better submit a ticket regarding your problems.
    You can do it easily by sending the message to support [аt] flynax.com or using this web interface:

    If you have any problems with it you may PM me your FTP server and admin panel login details,
    I will try to help you.


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