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Thread: Bad Word Filter - Plugin (Beta)

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    Bad Word Filter - Plugin (Beta)

    Hi @ All,

    Because of threads here and here, i present today this plugin.

    INFO - This is not an official plugin from Flynax.
    Furthermore, this plugin is still a beta version.

    The plugin is kept fairly simple.
    All input and textareas will be checked of badwords.

    bw1.jpg bw2.jpg

    However, it still has a deficit!
    It does not work in html editor - only textarea and input fields.


    The html editor you must disable @ the following locations:

    Admin Panel -> Listings -> Listing Fields -> Description (Edit)
    Admin Panel -> Listings -> Listing Fields -> Additional information (Edit)
    and also in all Fields that has the type "Textarea".

    All suggestions for this plugin are welcome in this thread.

    Every who wants to test it -> download and extract the and
    upload via ftp into the plugins folder.


    Best regards
    Steffen Buschkemper
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