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Thread: new template gives 404 error -- need to fix suhosin extension

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    new template gives 404 error -- need to fix suhosin extension

    Hello! We are trying to update our realty site's template to "Realty Signs." We uploaded the template to our server under "templates." Then, under Common --> Configurations, we selected realty_signs in the "template" section. After we pressed "Save" we get the following error message:

    "ERROR 404: Requested page not found"

    Tech support said that we have to disable suhosin extension. What is Suhosin extension, and how do we do this? Thanks

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    Hi Foxpin,

    Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PHP installations and has been designed to protect servers and users from known and unknown errors in PHP applications and the PHP core.
    The extension comes with many features. Besides the "black-/whitelisting" for PHP functions such as eval (), preg_replace (), include () and require (), it provides also functions to encrypt cookie data.

    You can disable or enable it in php.ini with:


    But why it should be turned off is something dubious... Hmmm

    Best regards
    Steffen Buschkemper
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    There are some parameters of suhosin which can result to the 500 errors, it can be post fields or something in url.

    Just one thing from my experience with suhosin, server returned 500 error when there was "dir" word in the url.

    Also it can block relative includes in the php ../../ and other thing.

    We don't insist to disable it but there are few steps to find what is the option which blocks the page:

    1. at first we should disable suhosin extension to see if it resulted from this
    2. if yes then try to find what is the thing result to this and correct it within script or suhosin configuration

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