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    Paul Williams


    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Young View Post
    If you have a new version of flynax it comes with support based ticket system and that would be the best place to use / submit a ticket for system faults and errors, in regards the cache it can be that you may need to delete your browsing history as well as your f5 option to bring any new changes into play, but for the most part images changes etc are usually updated with a hard refresh.
    Of course , flynax appear to be using some cache system which serves old content so f5'ing , using another computer etc won't make a difference. Myself and a colleague are unable to work because our .css edits etc aren't updated because of this cache issue. Furthermore, whoever installed this flynax script did not check his work and we're dealing with a broken Mysql database which prevents us from adding any content. Email responses are few and far between. This is unacceptable.

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    Paul Williams
    Also , subdomain "http://m.nze.club" does not function correctly.

    c name "m" @ nze.club setup correctly in DNS

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    Strange, Never really had an issue when changing my script, always refreshed using browser ok, am sure you will have better luck with support tomorrow as it's Monday
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