Hi all - so here is what I am trying to do and looking for some advice (I' not a technical user). I've created Accounts and boat rental Listings on behalf of several boat owners. I now want to email those owners to invite them to review their listings and to purchase a plan to extend the listings. I'm sure there are a few ways to do this, but I was thinking of the following:

Email an offer to review the listings and purchase a plan. This email would include:
A. Their account login details: username + password
B. A hyperlink that will take them to their My Listing page (customized with large button to "Purchase new package")
C. Small "thumnail versions" of two of the individual owner's listings (as a sample in the email, so the owner can see what their listing looks like). If there are more than 2 listings, I'd would just include the first two alphabetically based on listing title.

1. How hard is A,B,C? I think C is "nice to have". A and B are necessary.
2. If I use MailChimp to create the HTML email, is it difficult to integrate the info from A,B,C with Flynax? Advantage of MailChimp is that it provides tools to manage the mailing lists, provides metrics on effectiveness and has an easy template creator (I'm non technical).