Hello all,

I still got some SEO problems and also a bad resulting Google Pagerank (0/10)

The new page is online since Nov 2012 and before I had also installed flynax at this url, but a different concept.
I tried many things to get a higher page rank, but nothing helps.
Maybe I have too many links to owner pages at their listings and too few links back to my site?
I have on average 40-60 visitors per day, so its ok for a new project with 120 listings.

Here are the improvements from Webmaster Tools:
HTML improvements Last updated on 18/04/2013
The correction of these problems can improve the user experience and performance of your website.
Meta-description pages
Duplicate meta descriptions 784
Long meta descriptions 0
Short meta descriptions 17
Title tag pages
Missing "title" tags 6
Double "title" tags 577
Long text between the "title" tag 0
Short text between the "title" tag 0
Irrelevant "title" tags 1
Non-indexable content Pages
We have encountered no problems with non-indexable content on your website.

Do you think the duplicate meta informations are a big problem for google ranking?
Most of the double meta information are based on single listings which have different urls. Like other languages, categories, field bound boxes, tag cloud, etc.

Do you have similar problems?
How can we avoid the duplicate meta information?