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Thread: Here the manual to integrate a slider in the header on the main page

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    Excellent..You are the best..

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    May 2013
    Is there away to link the images or the text from the slider to a particular page on your website. For instance I would like to use the slider for businesses to advertise on and when a visitor clicks the image or the text they are taking to that dealers page. I tried typing in the link automatically and this is what I keep getting.
    It is duplicating the url.

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    How do apply this to other template like Auto Modern Blue?

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    Thank you man

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    Thanks Mr

    multi languages you did it ha?

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    Hi Steffen Buschkemper ,

    Do you can help us the apply this plugin in the template Simple Green?

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    Hi Steffen. Is this only for older version of Flynax?
    Because I can't find <div id="teaser_bg"> in this file any more. Im using template for pet.

    Open templates/*your_template*/tpl/header_home.tpl

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    no - you can use it also in new 4.2 version.
    I have general and no pet. Hmmm i must look and download the pet template if i have time.
    I will answer in this thread later.

    Best regards

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    Fantastic plugin however would be even better if we could set hyperlinks from the images

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    Hellow my brother,
    first thanks aloot for making that slideshow..u helped us aloot. But ı have problem when i change to arabic the slider doesnt work. any sugestion please? maybe coz the arabic language start from right to left

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