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Thread: Here the manual to integrate a slider in the header on the main page

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    ı got the solutıon

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    Is there anyway if I could embed a link to other site to each of the slide image?

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    Hello Wei,

    Only if you create new listing field and insert links there and then add this field to form through builder.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    That sound a little bit compliated.

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    Im using the Auto wide template i dont have the header_home.tpl file in the directory anywhere. How do i integrate a slideshow on a full width homepage.

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    Don't have the file names in front of me but Try adding it to the bottom of blocks/horizontal search tpl. I think that's what it's called
    New Site: CameraSpecs https://bit.ly/3G4uYA6

    Old Site: MotorAdsUk

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    I tried adding at the bottom of the horizontal search.tpl but its coming below the seach box. But the image is not being loaded as well. I gave the same name for image file and image name in settings page. The folders are also in correct place.

    Do advice where do i place the first code so i can get the banner above the search box.

    Thank you

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    Hi ,

    I just went through the codes in the Plugin . I couldnt find how the image is reference anywhere. When i used inspect element i couldnt see any image link.

    Please let me know whats the issue .

    Thank you

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    Is it works on 4.5.2 version?

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    Jun 2018

    I tried to install it in the general modern template and could not find the header_home.tpl file. Only the header.tpl file exists. Is it in this file that I have to do the code inclusion? If yes, exactly what?
    I installed the plugin in the admin panel but I could not find the file above. can you help me?

    Thank you in advance.

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