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Thread: Fields for translations/interpreting

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    Fields for translations/interpreting


    I have a sugestion for your next version. Fields that allow admin or user to pair languages for translations or interpreting classifieds. I post a printscreen after proz.com site to see what i am referring to


    The translator who posts the clasified must be able to pair the languages : For example he makes translation form english to french. So he will have 2 columns to choose this pair of translation

    it would be a good update because will allow you to cover this niche of classifieds too
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    Just found this old topic. sorry not replied earlier

    It seems kind of specific, honestly i don't think it will be implemented in the public software version. Also do you know free translation service for this ?

    How do you think.. will this translated text be good for humans to read ?

    May be i didn't understand something about it, please clarify.

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    It was a request for the translation niche of classifieds.
    For example a translator wants to post a classified . So if makes translations from english to french the user must be able too choose this pair of languages. ( just like in the photo i posted above)
    I have a translation section in my site but there is no kind of field type to allow me to do this.
    For a translators and interpreters classified site this is a must function.

    Example field type with 2 columns. Choose from column A a value and from column B another value so the result will look like "value A to value B" . In the example i mentioned above will be like English to French
    Proz.com is a good example of translation classfieds

    Have a nice day

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    Ok, it's more clear now, thank you for explanation. I now understand what do you mean, but don't think we will do it in the public version.

    But seems not very long to do as customization )

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