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Thread: How to link categories into a search field

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    How to link categories into a search field

    I've got the realty version of the software and am trying to configure it to a non-US market. With that in mind, I had to remove the stock categories (all the states). I replaced these with a much simpler categorization: 1) Residential, 2) Commercial, 3) Land

    Here's the summary of what I've done so far

    -Listing type - Property
    -Categories created - Residential (Flats and Houses as subcategories), Commercial (Offices and Shops as subcategories), Land
    -Submit forms have been created
    -Search forms have been created
    -Search settings have been enabled for home page
    -Category multiselection (with a value of 3) has been input

    The home page search capability, however, does not enable the user to select the category they are interested in (see screenshot 1) They cannot therefore choose between commercial and residential property.

    After that, I, of course, tried to add the category option to the search forms for buy and rent (the 2 search forms showing up on the home screen) however, there was no option to add category to the search form (see screen shot 2)

    Please advise on how to go about fixing this. It is definitely possible, because if you look at the relevant search field on any of the demos, all of them have a 'search field' that directly correlates to the relevant category list. These search fields have the 'dropdown list' attribute and cannot be modified in any way: E.g. http://realty.demoflynax.com/admin/i...ld=Category_ID

    How do I go about creating such a field?

    Any help will be much appreciated. I'm pulling my hair out over here and seem to have tried everything to no success.


    HemalScreen Shot 1.jpgScreen Shot 2.jpg

    ps - I have read over the manuals more than once and I don't think I've missed anything.

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    Flynax developer John's Avatar
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    Hello Hemal,
    I far as I understand you can't add the "categories" dropdown field to the search forms on the home page, innit?
    So looking on your second screenshot I see that "Category" is orange, it means that this field isn't active and won't
    appear in the search form on front-end.

    Let me know if I got you wrong.

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    Hi John,

    Thanks for the reply. No the screenshot I have has 'country' on orange, not cateogry

    But I submitted a ticket and Helen and/or Linda and the team (thanks everyone) have added 'category' as a listing field. It's just like I described, something with system attributes and something that I am unable to change/edit myself New Field.jpg

    I would still love to know how it was done.

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    I have the same problem can anybody explain how I can achieved that?

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    Please clarify what is your problem Marina?

    To see your categories in the search form you have to add field with key Category_ID to a search form .

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    Yes, solved now. Thank you

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    I have a similar problem, i have the auto script.

    On the search form i have Cars, Services and Spare Parts.

    On the Cars tab its shows MAKE/MODEL for the Car categories, which is correct. screenshot 1.

    On the Services tab it also shows MAKE/MODEL for the Services categories, which i would like to change to CATEGORIES. screenshot 2.

    I can't change MAKE/MODEL to CATEGORIES in the admin panel as this will effect the Cars tab.

    I have tried to create a new listing field CATEGORIES but i am unable to link this field to the Services categories in the Admin panel.

    Can anyone explain how i might be able to solve this problem.

    Thank you
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    Same problem here, Category_ID already exist and can't add it.
    Any solution for this?

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    Hello Monica,

    You cannot add fields with name Category ID because it's system field. You cannot add fields with names Account_ID, Date, Pay_date, Status and some other because it's system fields.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viktor View Post
    Hello Monica,

    You cannot add fields with name Category ID because it's system field. You cannot add fields with names Account_ID, Date, Pay_date, Status and some other because it's system fields.
    hi viktor, could you please look at my post above Monicas post and give me any advice on how i can resolve this problem.
    I am sure this is a common problem as it is th same on the demo site.

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