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Thread: Pissed off for Flynax server

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    Thanks...lets just hope they fix it soon
    New Site: CameraSpecs https://bit.ly/3G4uYA6

    Old Site: MotorAdsUk

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    Hi Folks,
    I want to clarify this thread issue!
    Firstly: Flynax software doesn't check the website license each time someone do any request to the website.
    It happens only single time per month, so please don't lump the blame on it

    The main issue: Flynax Software sends a request (single time per user session) to our IP Geo servers to determine the visitor location details.
    These details use by some plugins, such as Currency Converter, GEO Filter, Search by distance and so on...
    We have 5 servers with this GEO service and each website can do requests to couple of them, last time we have problems
    with a few servers and that is why some customer have problems with it.

    Last Saturday we prepare a new plugin IP Geolocation Database which creates a local IP Geo database
    and prevents such remote queries from your website to our servers.

    Plugin already available in your admin panels, go ahead with installation.


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    Thanks works much better now
    New Site: CameraSpecs https://bit.ly/3G4uYA6

    Old Site: MotorAdsUk

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