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Thread: Shopping cart plugin!

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    Shopping cart plugin!

    It will be good to have a Shopping cart plugin so that we can link up Current users who have online stores

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    Pls Thomas, search the forum, there are plenty of threads about this.

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    Hello Thomas,
    Morgan is right, there are a few similar requests here.
    Then my reply will be the latest in this thread BTW, the beta version of the Shopping Card plugin is ready.
    I hope the stable version will be released during 2 weeks.


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    Hi John,

    I was wondering if the stable version of the cart is ready yet?

    Many thanks,

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    Any news on the stable version of Shopping Cart. If not can I have a copy of Beta version for testing
    Vincent Kelly

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    Hello Guys,

    can someone enlighten me in regard to this Shopping Card plugin?
    How can I imagine it?
    If the amount paid to the site owner or directly to the listing seller?

    Payment on the site operator as trustee would make sense...
    Especially if someone wants to buy from different dealers...

    Best regards
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    I imagine that you could consider every listing as a small shop where the user easily could sell the item direct without interruption of the site owner. How ever there should be a free and a fee option. The fee could be a percentage of the paid amount.
    The payment gate would be paypal and similar wallets that a private person easily could set up. In the listing there could be a symbol or icon for " Buy direct".
    This could be developed into a auction plugin also.
    The listings owner get the asked price minus the fee. Fee is carried over directly into site owners paypal.

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