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Thread: sitelinks do not appear

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    sitelinks do not appear


    Why sitelinks do not appear on my website

    I tried many thing, but still have same problem.

    NB: my website has been added into Google Search engine in January.


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    Hello Oslo,

    You should wait more time. Ask about it in google support, For Flynax links was added by google automatically,
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Hi Oslo,
    What is your site? Have you tried search with domain.com on google?
    Mine works when search with mydomain.com, but not with mydomain.

    Since google do it automatically, i think all we can do only improve our linking.
    Do you have enough link to sitelinks you want to show in google?
    Both links for outside and inside with proper text will help i think.


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