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Thread: smsActivation plugin

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    smsActivation plugin

    Hello Everybody,

    Today I want to guide you through setting up the SMS Verification Plugin.

    Actually, installation of the Plugin is done as usual: you'll need to install the Plugin from the back end with one click and then proceed to configuring the Plugin.

    I'd like to note that you'll need to purchase an SMS package from the service provider (Clickatell) to make the Plugin work on your site.

    The Plugin uses Clickatell by default as an SMS provider. Clickatell covers 819 networks in 221 countries.

    Configuring the Plugin:

    1. Install the SMS Verification plugin;
    2. Create an account with the Clickatell service: https://www.clickatell.com/sign-up/
    3. After creating an account, you'll need to add an SMS Integration entry;
    4. Then copy the API Key from the SMS Integration entry that you already added, and then go to the back end and enter the details of your Clickatell account from the Basic Settings > SMS Verification;
    5. Make sure you've listed all the phone number fields in the "Registration phone field key" using the comma as a separator if you have more than one cell phone number in the registration form. The setting uses keys of phone number fields to identify cell phone numbers and send SMS to users' phones.
    6. The Plugin is set up and ready to use.

    The Plugin mechanics is very simple: a user gets an SMS with a 4-digit verification code (can be changed from back end) and enters it in the field that will pop up after the registration.
    The account will be enabled after entering a correct code.

    I hope I did not miss anything, feel free to ask questions you have if something still not clear or you have any questions.

    We may consider integration of another SMS provider if you suggest a less expensive SMS provider, or even a free one, which is very unlikely .

    Good luck!
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    Dear John
    is it possible to provide a local sms provider and your team do a customization on this plugin for us?
    I mean we are interested in his plugin but prefer to use a local provider since our clients are not international. please tell me what kind of information you need to provide this feature?


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    The account is activating before the user types the code in. How can I fix this??

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    Flynax provided the tools for each one of us to chose the path. Either make a full register with complete user data + sms activation, or, go low with extra low registration + quick register +facebook login. So it up to you what you prefer actualy.

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    I see
    But loosing functionality on implementing another, which is not interfering first is not convenient.

    However. I will make som modifications on my side. I will share it if someone will need it

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    why not use https://www.twilio.com/sms/pricing/jo its much cheaper and work globally clickatell sound expensive

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    yeah i vote for this https://www.twilio.com/sms/pricing/jo best choice i ever seen so far, http://www.clickatell.com/ is just not working for me, on my site i tried http://www.clickatell.com/ but never worked, so i disabled it .

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    Not working


    I am trying to configure clickatel to my site. after registration if i go to profile and add mobile number and click on get code, it does not work it says loading... any idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abdul Muhaimin View Post

    I am trying to configure clickatel to my site. after registration if i go to profile and add mobile number and click on get code, it does not work it says loading... any idea?
    I have the same problem , It says loading.... , and nothing happened !!

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    Clickatell doesn't work for me as well. message not going to mobile numbers

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