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Thread: Facebook Funs Box: how to enable it?

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    Facebook Funs Box: how to enable it?

    Does know how to enable the FaceBook Funs box?

    It seems active, and it is visible, but it says:

    "Facebook Box disabled, please configure it from the Admin Panel"

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    I found the answer myself

    The settings can be entered at: Admin Panel - configurations - Common - Bookmarks

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    there is a facebook tab. How do i enable that? I try to use the facebook app id and the url, but there is an error stating that the url does not exist. the exact message is
    |The `href` parameter must reference a valid Facebook page, but "http://facebook.com/*******" is not a valid Facebook page. (p.s. the fb page is deleted for privacy purpose). Just to check whether the facebook app id is the same as the one we created for the facebook connect plugins.
    Pls help.
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    Hello Tomas,
    The fb page should looks like this: https://www.facebook.com/FlynaxSoftware
    It is disabled by default and you have to create such page for your fb account in fb settings.


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